Monday, 23 June 2014

Introducing my Party Packs

You may or may not know that my business name came about as I started out providing jewellery making parties for children when I lived in Galway in Ireland. We have since moved back to Scotland and I have my son now, we only have one car which my husband uses to get to work so continuing the parties is kind of out of the question at present.

When I did the parties, I enjoyed putting kits together for the kids and found that older kids and adults enjoyed making the jewellery just as much as, if not more than the kids did. I have also noticed through Pinterest and other blogs the popularity of craft parties for adults. So the idea struck to sell my kits rather than go to the house myself to host the party.

I have kept my kits simple so that no tools are required and at the moment they are just for bracelets. Depending on how that goes I will hopefully design kits for necklaces too. There are individual bracelet kits which are packaged like favors with beads, elastic and confetti. There is also my party pack which comes with 3 honeycomb decorations and some extra confetti along with 4 bracelet making kits. You can find them all in my shop here.

What do you think of craft parties? I think a craft or jewellery making party is a fun way to spend an evening with some of your girlfriends. Whether it's on a random tuesday night or for a bachelorette or hen party, bridal shower or birthday party. It's great to get together with your friends, make something that you can all keep and have great conversation at the same time.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Couple of Necklaces for my New Shop

Hi folks, this is just a short post as I promised to show you my first couple of necklaces. I love love love my geometric triangle pendant necklace. The pink and teal alongside the matte gold just makes me smile. This is one necklace where I am going to keep one for myself.

I also love my cloud necklace. When I was pregnant I made a felt cloud mobile for my son's bedroom. It has white clouds and bright colourful raindrops. There is something really nice about clouds with bright rain drops. I guess it is a much brighter (and colourful) way of thinking of rain clouds! I have lots of these cloud pendants so think of all the colour possibilities!

You can find these in my shop there is also a shortcut on my sidebar.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I've Opened My New Etsy Shop

I have finally opened my new Etsy Shop. I've had a vision of what I want my new shop to look like for some time but finding the time to put my vision into action has been a little tricky. I decided that the only way I am going to achieve my vision is to do it slowly and in stages. So I have opened my new shop, but at the moment there are only 4 products in the shop.

Photography takes me ages as I have to wait for nap time and then I have to work out my costings and list the products which takes some time. I will add more products gradually but I thought I would share my first two pairs of earrings today. I have also listed two necklaces that I will share on the blog in the next few days.

The first pair of earrings are matte 16K gold plated scallop chandelier earrings with blue and turquoise glass beads. The second pair are silver plated arrow dangle earrings with multi-colour glass beads in pink, purple, aqua and green. I love the colour of all the glass beads - I have spent a lot of time trying to source the correct materials.

What do you think of the photography and the styling? It's something I've been working on since I started my last etsy shop. It's definitely improved but I think it's a skill I need to develop and evolve.

I wanted the styling to provide a party vibe it's the theme for my new shop. There will be another party element that will be revealed shortly.

What do you think of my packaging? It's quite simple, tissue paper and confetti but I love it.

Anyway I hope that you like the new jewellery. Check out my shop here.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pretty in Pink

I love this time of year when the days are getting longer and there is the odd lovely sunny day. Last week we had one of those unseasonable warm days. There is a huge cherry tree out the front of my mum's house. The blossom never lasts long before rain and wind knock it to the ground so I seised the opportunity to take some sunny photos of the frilly pink blossom before it is gone.

I love the silvery and gold hints in the bark and the leaves of the tree, alongside the pink frills of the blossom. It is particularly lovely against a bright blue sky. Another colour inspiration for when my new jewellery components arrive. These colours would be perfect for bridal or bridesmaid jewellery.

Are you as much of a fan of cherry blossom as I am?

Monday, 28 April 2014

Bright Flower Colour Inspiration

We're just about ready to move into our new house but we're still at my mum's this week. The weather is absolutely glorious today and one thing we will need to work on when we move in is our garden. Neither of us have green fingers so we will have to learn pretty fast. There are lots of lovely bright colours in mum's garden so I used the good weather as an excuse to go out and take some photos of the colours that inspire me.

Do you have green fingers? Any tips for beginners?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Creating a range

I got a delivery of lovely Czech glass beads a few weeks back. My original plan was to create kits for jewellery making parties for adults. I may still do this but when I saw these beads I decided I would like to try my hand at creating a proper range of jewellery. I have started experimenting and have created a few necklaces. I feel I need something else along with the bright beads so I have now ordered some other bits and pieces, so watch this space...... 

Friday, 28 March 2014

Colour Boards: No 1: Pink, Green, Black and White

Inspiration image above from the artful desperado

Hello, I didn't plan on being away for so long. We are still working on our new house - the kitchen is going in this week. I started this mood board a couple of weeks ago but them my laptop broke and was in for repair for a week, I am very happy I didn't lose all of my work as I have not been backing up - lesson learned!

I have a new idea for bead bash, it's going to take me a while to get the idea up and running, with a new house and a toddler, so I figured I would share little bits with you without giving the game away. For one thing, I am not yet confident it will work so want to do more research and a proper business plan. One thing I do know is that I wanted to come up with some jewellery colour combinations that make you smile or put you in the party mood.

I took to pinterest to find some images with colour combinations that inspire me. I now have a crazy number of images pinned to my 'mood board' board! The image above really inspired me, I think it is fun and sophisticated at the same time. I have already experimented a little with the beads pictured on my mood board and will share once I have a final piece of jewellery and some decent photos.

Does this colour combination make you smile as much as it does me?

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